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Have you faced any problem while implementing Unity Addressables?

We did, a lot, that is why we decided to create DDuA. Sometimes Unity Addressables can be cumbersome. However, thanks to our package, you’ll be able to forget about the complexity of implementing this solid and powerful technology. Save yourself hundred of hours and headaches!

DDuA is a package that allows you to create games and applications using the Addressables system. It is perfect to help developers to create rich complex games with frequent content updates delivery needs, clean, fast and smart.


Your players can update painless and without any effort. When you create a light app, you increase the user retention and the initial download size, update and patch your game on the fly without effort. Download the content as your application needs it. You only need to upload the changes of the assets you modify, getting EASIER and FASTER dev cycle iterations.





Unity Addressable Asset system: Fully integration of the Addressable system to handle the content

It also integrates the Remote Config allowing the game devs to tune your game design without deploying new versions of your application.

Unity Remote Config (optional): For easy remote configuration of the assets and scenes to download

This asset is compatible with the following render pipelines:

– Standard



This asset includes the BHEL – Beautiful Html Enhanced Logs asset to handle all the asynchronous logging, A MUST when you are developing with addressables




It works out of the box

Mobile support, perfect for your android and IOs games

WEBgl support

▪ Focus on developing your game, forget about nuisances to deal with Addressables API

▪ Generate better effective cost per click, cost per Mille and your cost per acquisition

▪ Download the content when your application needs it.

EASIER and FASTER dev cycle iterations.

▪ You only need to build and upload the changes of the assets you modify

NO CODE skills needed, you don’t need to code to use this package.

▪ If you want to extend the functionality, DDuA API is fully documented, code commented with first class standards.

C# Code: Full C# source code is included.

Every single line of code is commented for easier understanding




Network Connection: Detect and verify Network connection to internet before trying to load the game, you can tell the player to connect to WIFI, if cellular connection is detected.

Loader: One single scene to load all your game, really thin application.

Update Catalogues: By default you work with the catalogue out of the box, but you can add any catalogues you need dynamically.

Pre-Download Content: Not all the content is needed in the first minutes of game experience, but you will need it later, pre-download the high-level content while Idle

Scene Fading: Smooth transitions between scenes, when everything is downloaded and safe in your client’s application.

Progress bar: Loading the assets informing the player the advance with a detailed progress bar

Slideshow : Waiting screens for promotional, hints, seasonal and mini games while your player waits for the new content

News Announcement : Popup news to inform the players the changes and updates, this news is configured without uploading a new build version

Async Logs :Detailed beautiful logs in HTML of the asynchronous processes

Local and Cloud server Configuration :Local configuration or remote for easier updates and rapid iteration development cycles

Idle download: Let your player decide if he wants to download all the content while idling, is that powerful and easy.

Item Pooling support


◈ DEMOs ◈


Tested in IOs, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux and WebGL.

▪ Download Mac and Windows here

▪ Download Mobile Android here

▪ Download Mobile IOs here

▪ Visit WebGL here




We are very glad you decided to give us the opportunity to help you build a great game.We try to make the best technology, easy, useful and well documented.

Nevertheless, we are aware everything can be improved and enhanced, so we are more than happy to receive a comment from you, so drop us a line at least to say Hi.

If you liked it and it helps you, your rating, review and feedback are much appreciated!

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