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Asset Title: Urban City Pack

Publisher: PolyPixel

Category: 3d, environments, urban

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As a fully realized urban city environment, this pack is built to highest AAA standards for environmental art inside Unity 5. All the assets have been created efficiently to ensure both smooth frame rate and low memory. This pack contains over a dozen pre built buildings, as well as over 100 modular building assets allowing the user to mix and match pieces. To go along with the buildings, the world is fitted with dozens of standard assets, a modular road pieces, and over 30 seamless PBR materials, all ready to be dragged and dropped in game.

As an added bonus, it comes with a full demo scene showing off the assets, and complete documentation.

Package Contains:

– Over 100 modular building pieces with many building styles
– 30 PBR materials
– Modular Road and sidewalk system(can work with terrain splines)
– Over 30 props with full LODs and optimized and game ready
– 1 demo scene
– Handfull of decals for adding that extra detail to a world
– Dozen foliage props to help fill the scenes out
– Most shaders complete with vertex painting damage/grunge/rain
– Lots of fun little tricks like animating flags and tarps in the wind, parallaxing interiors for windows, weather effects.
– 5 ground materials

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